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Acupuncture — Practitioner Statement

“When I was young in my medical career I considered myself an activist and community organizer. I saw very quickly that when individuals and families were not well, political and economic changes were impossible. Twenty-five years ago I knew I wanted to practice a kind of medicine that not only treated illness, but also taught people how to be well. I practice and teach acupuncture and East Asian medicine because the practice is a collaborative effort between myself and the patient, where the patient narrative and experience of illness guides the “diagnosis” and treatment. Through this fully engaged cognitive and somatic rapport the patient accesses a deeper level of involvement in the healing process. This shift toward well being in an individual can then positively effect their family and community. I now look forward to practicing this tradition of medicine in a collaborative setting at the Center for Health and Healing.”
Arya Nielsen, PhD, LAc

Welcome to our Center, where practitioners and patients together engage in a creation of a meaningful model of health and healing. I hope to see more patients coming to our Center for health maintenance.

We can learn a lot from the East-Asian traditional model about how to take care of our physical, spiritual, and community needs, and how to lower our chances of having to rely on the achievements of Western medicine. Patients with illness will find in Acupuncture and East-Asian Medicine a system that seeks to utilize the body’s potential to heal, no matter what the complexity of the problem.
B. Basia Kielczynska, D.M.H., M.S., L.Ac.

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Content last modified on Jan 28, 2013