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Imagery — Practitioner Statement

“Imagery is an important complementary health care modality that can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches for just about any medical condition and in any health care setting. Imagery techniques were developed in hospital and clinic settings to enhance the effectiveness of medical treatment and nursing interventions. Imagery may be used to help clients cope with their disease, regain a sense of control, and find the strength to make the necessary changes in their life-style and health practices. A skillful imagery practitioner knows that people carry knowledge of their truth deep within themselves. The practitioner assists the client in learning to value and trust the inner resources available to them. Imagery is a very personal modality that asks clients to trust that their inner experiences and imagination can be a source of insight, healing, and well-being.”
Aurora Ocampo, MS, RN, CS

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Content last modified on Jun 6, 2012