Integrative Therapies
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Therapeutic Touch — Training & Licensing

Though initially developed for those in the health professions, anyone can study Therapeutic Touch. It is taught worldwide at universities, nursing and medical schools and is still primarily practiced in the nursing profession. The Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International is the official organization of Therapeutic Touch. They have created an educational track with a voluntary credentialing process. Basic TT concepts are taught in a minimum 12-hour workshop. In order to become a TT practitioner in a medical or health care setting, students must practice it on a consistent basis for at least one year under the guidance of a mentor in order to develop their clinical skills. They are also required to complete a 14 hour Intermediate Level contact course given by a qualified TT teacher. Advanced workshops and regular updates are strongly recommended. This voluntary practitioner credentialing process of recognition was begun in 2000 for practitioners. There is also a separate process in order to become a Therapeutic Touch Teacher.

Official Licensing Bodies
The Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International, the official organization of Therapeutic Touch, established a credentialing process for Therapeutic Touch practitioners as of 2000. This credentialing process of recognition is necessary in order to present oneself as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner. There is a separate process in order to qualify as a Therapeutic Touch Teacher (see Education section above for details or visit their web site at

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Content last modified on Sep 4, 2003